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Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Mediclaim Solutions covers you even when you are offshore. With the special overseas solutions from different insurers that we have to offer , you can stay protected, even when you are out of India.

Overseas mediclaim solutions offered by us ensure that you stay effectively protected, should you be in India or even out of India.

With different policy solutions offered by us, all your expenses of hospitalization, that you have to incur during your stay or visit out of India, are covered (except for pre-existing medical conditions). What more, this cover also comes at a very effective premium, giving you the best of both worlds.
This policies that we help you choose are specially suited for business travelers who have to frequently travel out of India.If you are worried of your medical expenses out of India, give us a call today. We shall visit you and help you understand the terms of cover under the overseas policies and help you select an effective cover for yourself during your stay out of the country.