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Are you an employer who has a fairly big organization and is worried about the well being of his employees, and more specifically about their health and health costs? Do you find it very cumbersome to opt for individual policies for each employee? If you are the owner or otherwise have the need to get mediclaim for a large group of people, and find it very cumbersome to get separate policies for every member, our Group Mediclaim Solutions are for you.

We, at Mediclaim Solutions can tailor made group insurance policies as per your requirements where you can have the benefit of add-on features like personal accident cover and critical illness cover. We can also get coverage from different insurers for various tailor made policies as per the group requirement.

We can also try and include certain benefits like health recovery benefit in different small and big groups for some vital period of days where the group could be affected by serious illness for period. The employee gets a compensation starting from minimum 500 to 10000 per day with a ceiling for number of days which may be up to 60 to 90 days. It is very useful as this can be claimed in addition to your mediclaim cashless benefits. .Such policies are subject to certain approvals and criteria 

Such policies are called employees benefit policies where we try and get you the best of policies features with transparency and also cover major benefits of employees but such policies can only be tailor made for employees strength of minimum 500 and above as there has to be a feasibility for such policies and not many companies do undertake such proposals

Group Mediclaim solutions offered by us help you get the convenience of one policy for the entire group of people, be it your staff or the people in your group. With these policies, you can offer effective protection to each and every member of the group and not have much stress doing it either.

Mediclaim Solutions also has specialized solutions for Housing Societies and Credit Societies. In case you are a society, company or a part of any group for which you need a group policy, Mdiclaim Solutions is here.

Our Group mediclaim Solutions are formed just for your needs for insurance of a large group or any group having a valid of employee-employer relationship, or a plan of membership for the group. We can also provide solutions for special compensation policies for employees. We offer you tailor-made solutions on a case to case basis. Give us a call today and we will take you through the procedure to get the promise of a healthy life for your group !!