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Family Floater
Mediclaim Solutions offers total mediclaim services for all age groups. In case you have been thinking of getting that medical cover for your wife, children or for your parents. However you never get the time to get individual policies for each member of the family. What’s more, it is too cumbersome and also a bit too costly at the same time. Is there an alternative to this? Well, yes.

With Mediclain Solutions, you can be sure that there is a policy for your every mediclaim need. Here, we have Family Floater Mediclaim solutions to cover the mediclaim needs of your entire family.

We at Mediclaim Solutions know that we all have the need for the protection of heath of our near and dear ones. We can get the best family floater policies from different insurers as per your needs wherein you can have coverage for your entire family including your dependent parents. You can additionally cover your in laws. We have selected companies which can be best suited as per your needs and.  More often than not, taking individual policies for each member of the family is too cumbersome and costly. Mediclaim Solutions provides you with  different solutions to cover this your Family Floater insurance needs. The policies that we help you choose cover people of all different age groups and you can be assured that each and every member in your family will come under the cover of this blanket policy.

Family floater solutions chosen for you by us cover age groups from 5 months to 80 years. The policies offered by different insurers cover critical illnesses and also cover existing illnesses. Add to this, the added convenience of not having to get individual policies for all different member of the family and this turns out to be a winner proposition indeed.

So if you are in the lookout for a complete protection for your family, get in touch with us now !